Socialthing! – The Perfect Social.. Thing!

I think this will be the third time I’ve said that Twitter has worked its magic and somehow got me an invite to a new beta. Its always that way. But this one, I’m extra excited about. Here i will give you the usual ups and downs of a startup including why its the perfect social.. thing!

Lets start by looking at the big picture. Socialthing is a new beta startup used for keeping all of your social networking accounts in one easy and accessible place. Let me tell you, it does this very well. Its probably one of the cleanest and easy to use sites I’ve been on in awhile. Lets start looking into it.

How It Works!

When you log in to Socialthing you will see three tabs on the right and a lifestream button on the left. When you go into the settings tab, you can choose your lifestream settings including wether or not to show your own updates. It will show you all of the accounts you are able to register for Socialthing. So far there is Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Flickr, Pownce, and LiveJournal. These are the services you can register with Socialthing so far. There are more coming though which brings me to the next tab.

When you click the vote tab, you will have a giant list of social networking websites that Socialthing wants your feedback on. (Wether or not to add it to their list of services.) There are tons of services on the list, and tons of votes for them. There is another box to the right showing you the networks they are currently focused on adding to their list. Those networks are Del.Icio.Us, Digg, Last.FM, Myspace, and YouTube.

The last tab on the right is the post tab. This is where you can go to post to all of your accounts. You can post to them all at the same time or you can select them individually. You could select to only post to Twitter, Facebook, and LiveJournal. You could leave out Pownce if you wanted to. (Not that I’m hating on Pownce at all.)

Then to the left, you have your lifestream tab. This is where all your friend’s (If you choose) updates will be shown, including yours. (If you choose) You can go to the settings tab to pick how you want the updates to be displayed as well, so you have full customization. There is also a little refresh button on the lifestream tab to refresh your updates list.

What I Think About Socialthing!

Well, overall i think its an amazing service. The perfect social.. thing! in fact. When it opens from beta, i guarantee it will put Friendfeed in the deadpool. There is only two things Socialthing really has over Friendfeed that kills it. The beautiful interface, and the updates from friends already on all of your network accounts. Here is what i mean. On Friendfeed you subscribe to a person and their updates. On Socialthing you log in to your network accounts and already have all of your subscribed friends in your lifestream. Its that simple, and Friendfeed should be ashamed!

Here is a great post about how Friendfeed is a joke!

To conclude this amazing service’s review, i would just like to say that Socialthing is going to be absolutely HUGE when all the services get added. Everyone will use it, and the need to go directly to any website to post will be completely unnecessary. This really is a big thing for the internet, and I’m sure everyone will realize this when it comes out of beta. This site has incredible potential to be the biggest thing on the internet, we just have to give it time to grow! Hurry it up Socialthing!

Update – So I’ve been using Socialthing a lot now, and the one thing that seems to not go my way most of the time is loading Pownce! I get this error all the time. Anyone else? Also, it allows me to post to Pownce with much ease, but still won’t load them in the lifestream. Update 2 – Now that i think of it, its still in beta so there is some things to be resolved. Oh Vimeo and Flickr tend to not work as well. Update 3 – It seems most of the services are now working!

Update 5 – After posting about Socialthing!’s mobile site in this post, a comment from one of those behind the project gives some amazing words! There are new things to come! Very very soon from Socialthing mobile. Some great news here!

Update 6Here is a pic of Socialthing 2.0 for the iPhone! Thanks to commenters!

Have you seen the amazingness of Socialthing! yet?


20 thoughts on “Socialthing! – The Perfect Social.. Thing!

  1. Something else that’s kind of neat about Socialthing! is that you can click to rename people in your feed. It’s just a tiny yet nice feature that makes things even easier on the brain: for instance, I could rename your Twitter username “zakkforchilli” to “Zakk Forchilli” and make that match up with your blog posts, etc.!

  2. I havent looked at Social thing yet but b what you are stating it is very nice. However there are several aggregation or what i like to call sites or platforms that allow you to manange all of your networks. But the thing is How many phone services do you use. Most of the time 90% of the time people prefer one brand and stick with it for that certain product or service. I see real aggregation in the future something of innovation that allows you to stay on that one network and communicate and share between networks that your friends are on. I guesss you can say that is something we are working on over at Well I am Daniel one of the twins from Trigeia. and thanks for signing up for T.E.A.M if there is anything you need just shout. Twin out .

  3. @Kadesoto – Good point Andy. I was going to mention small things like that, but had to run out so i just clicked publish and ran!

    @Daniel – Would you like an invite to Socialthing?

  4. By the way, love the new look to the site! The header’s new, right? These days, I spend too much time with my nose in Google Reader…

    Will link back as soon as I have an opportunity!

  5. This sounds a lot like the browser I use – flock. I suppose the bene for using SF instead of flock is that it’s not dependent on any one computer. My laptop is busted, so I’m all out of sorts trying to keep up from my DH’s computer.

    I’ll have to request access to SF and see if it’s a good replacement for Friend Feed and/or Twitter.

  6. Socialthing! seem to be exactly what I’ve been searching for. I’m excited about it, however does anyone know when it will be made public? Are there any spots available for beta testers? If so mark me down!

  7. Zakk, I’m impatient. If you have another invite laying around, will you send it my way? Danke!

    Day 2 of FF is treating me well, I must say . . .

  8. Ah, I assumed that you’d find my e-mail via wordpress in comments mgmt. My “handle” is at gmail. Many thanks!
    ~ Kimberly

  9. Thanks Zakk, you can find me there at the same handle. Right now I can really only say “hmm” regarding ST, but that’s what I thought at first with FFd.
    ~ Kimberly

  10. Zakk, thanks for being such a big proponent of Socialthing! We’re really excited about the next version that’s on its way. We’ve got some massive improvements, as well as profiles (for you and all your friends…even the ones that aren’t on Socialthing!)…

    Hope you like the new stuff…it’s on its way!

  11. That sounds quite amazing actually. Great ideas coming from you guys. Socialthing! i think, will become the next big thing on the web. I’ll be sure to get that word out!

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