My Thoughts – This Week In Movies – May 29th

This week in movies is always fun for me when there is a lot of good movie news in the air. I love giving my thoughts on this stuff, its the most exciting. These week is especially exciting because i have some great news about some of the things that I’m really really looking forward to. Here we go.

Red Band Trailer For ‘Step Brothers’

Very simple. Will Ferrel and John Reilly in the same movie again. You know its going to be funny as hell. The trailer will seriously have you on the floor laughing. Just imagine how good the movie is going to be. All the movies with Will Farrel give off insane fantastic comedy. Not so much John Reilly. He is slightly an underdog in comedy these days with movies like ‘The Dewey Cox Story.’ That movie wasn’t much of anything, but it had its amazing moments. But i think that with Will Ferrel working with him, it will just be hysterical.

Step Brothers‘ is about a couple that gets married and each of them has a son. They are pretty much forced to get along with everything they do, and they clearly do it funny as hell. Will Ferrel plays the same old soft witted, insane, and hilarious character. You will love this trailer. The swearing and dialog are incredible.

Click here to view the trailer!

Cocaine Cowboys Pilot Script Review + CC2 News

It seems that a pilot script for the hopefully upcoming HBO Drama series based on the documentary ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ has been developed. Hunter Stephenson, a writer for /Film, reviews the script.

Cowboys‘ opening scenes–a hasty drug deal at sea set aboard a 150-foot vessel that’s quietly sinking under the careless supervision of incredibly stoned, hard partying Rasta thugs–conjures the same crotch-grabbing gusto and hyper-imagery on display in Mr. Bay’s Bad Boys II.’

In other news, the official trailer for the sequel to the documentary has been released by Rakontur. Rakontur is the studio led by Billy Corben. (The creator of Cocaine Cowboys.)

Read the review here, see the sequel trailer to CC here.

Hancock TV Spot Released

Hancock, the story about a alcoholic super hero played by Will Smith. This movie looks seriously funny, and the trailer will crack you up. I’ve never seen Will Smith crack me up this much. Sure he has his comedic roles, but he has been doing serious acting for a long time now, and now its time to go back to his comedy side, and boy this looks good.

Something interesting about this that isn’t so cool is this. I heard from the guys at First Showing, that the original story of Hancock was to be rated R, and it was not for the faint of heart. Hancock was originally more of an asshole than a PG-13 rating could handle. Which is a let down if they release it as a PG-13 movie, and do a million cut downs.

View the TV spot here.

First Look – Death Race

Ok, this came out of the blue. I haven’t heard of this until just today and i think it looks just insane. Twisted Metal movie pretty much it looks like. That and something like battle bots by the way these crazy things are designed. I guess its a remake of a 70’s B-movie. Well there you go, that is a good reason why i havent even heard of this remake. I hate B-movies. The screenplay is written by the guy that brought you Resident Evil, and even Blankman. I remember Blankman! Who doesn’t?

The remake stars Jason Statham of Crank, and all those huge action movies. Which means, its going to be a huge action movie. The looks of it so far, its going to be pretty sick. Anything that looks like Twisted Metal the video game, should be some great eye candy. I truly know nothing about this sequel but apparantly it looks sick, view the details below in the link.

View details of the remake here.

Before i conclude this, i would just like to say that i might add to this post if other news comes through in movies! So stay tuned, and update your RSS feeds.

What do you think about this week in movies?


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