Rapidweaver 4 – Review

So if you haven’t heard of Rapidweaver, you have been missing out on a lot! If you have a Mac and want make an amazing website without learning HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, this is the tool for you. If you have used iWeb which shipped on all Macs for free as of awhile ago, you will notice how much Raidweaver blows it away. iWeb seems useless compared to the power of this tool.

To create a website with Rapidweaver is probably the easiest thing you will ever do. Click once to add a page of any kind, click once to change to any theme you would like, and add pretty much anything to your website. Here are some of the thing i love about using Rapidweaver.

Add Anything To Your Website

With Rapidweaver you can add pretty anything you would like to your website. You can create a blog with the same power as WordPress or Blogger in just seconds, on any domain you choose. If you have a site that requires multiple blogs, you can have multiple blogs. You can add as many pages as you wish, and as many of the same pages as you wish. You can have an about page and a blog for every person that you are working with. You can also add any HTML snippets you would like!

Browser Compatibility

When you create a website from scratch using HTML and CSS, you have to spend extra time getting it to work with multiple browsers, and tweaking it to be the same in each. With Rapidweaver, once your site is published, its published to work exactly the same in every browser. Rapidweaver produces perfect code to work with all browsers on all platforms.

Works Like A Mac

Being Mac only, and so far version 4 being Leopard only, you can say that it works perfectly like a Mac, on a Mac. It works so seamlessly like a Mac just as all of the Apple-Made apps do. You can drag anything into your web page, and Rapidweaver will find a way to manage that file and put it where you want it. I could drag an application into a page and click publish, and immediately it would be available for a one-click download from the website. I could drag an image into a page, and immediately it would be available for sizing, editing, and viewing on the website.

Simple Interface, Like A Mac

The interface sync seamlessly with the interface of Leopard. Unified windows, with beautiful simple buttons along the top of the window. Buttons like Add Page, Remove Page, Change Theme, Media Inspector, Site Setup, and Publish. Thats everything you will need to create a perfect website with a few simple buttons. Of course there will be a few core preferences in the menu bar menu, but everything you need, is right in the toolbar and the sidebar where your pages are viewed!

Download Rapidweaver 4 here for Leopard!

There isn’t much more to say about Rapidweaver. Its just perfect, and the rest you will just have to find out for yourself. If you want to create an amazing website without knowledge of the common codes, then download Rapidweaver! its just too easy!

I created my portfolio website using Rapidweaver. You can check it out here!

What do you think of Rapidweaver 4?


4 thoughts on “Rapidweaver 4 – Review

  1. Hi Zakk
    how did you create the ability to comment on the page with comment count etc in Rapidweaver? I am using RW 4 and woul dlike to add this functionality to my site

  2. Within the preferences in RW, in ‘Page Settings’ or the ‘Page Inspector’ there is an option to get comments through a service titled ‘Haloscan.’ You have to sign up online, then just enter your user name within RW and your good to go!

  3. I already have a very large website that I put together over the years using Dreamweaver. I bought a MacBookPro with iWeb to modernize my site. Then found out I can’t work off my site with iWeb, all or none I’m told. Can my site be gradually modified with Rapidweaver? ??

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