What Happens In Vegas – Short Review

What Happens In Vegas

Now the first thing i thought about What Happens In Vegas before watching it was that its just going to be another stupid blockbuster hit that everyone goes to see, and it will probably suck. Well I’m going to say that i was right and wrong in this situation. I loved this movie, but i was probably right about the typical blockbuster hit part. Almost like a chick flick, but with more comedy than i thought.

The Acting

Ashton Kutcher, is usually overrated but yet he still comes through with his humor. He wasn’t alone when it came to giving the funniest moments of the film though. By his side most of the time was his lawyer in the film played by Rob Corddry. I don’t know much about this actor, but i have seen him playing small roles in many films and TV shows. This was the first movie I’ve seen him in where he actually played in one of the top roles of the film. He usually doesn’t get too much screen time. Corddry’s performance humor wise, was just incredible. Teaming up with Kutcher for a largely anticipated mainstream summer movie was a pretty good idea on someones part. Kudos to them for bringing him in.

Another surprise in this film was that Cameron Diaz was in it. She clearly is a huge actress, but she hasn’t shown her face in a mainstream film in ages from my knowledge. She played her part well, but was her very corny self for most of the movie. She played the drama better than she did the comedy. I must say some of her comedy was actually good when backed up by Kutcher, but on her own she didn’t seem too funny. I still enjoyed seeing her in this film.

The Movie

The movie was just plain out funny. Of course like every comedy movie these days, it had its touches of drama, but the comedy drained all the drama out. Kutcher was just hilarious in this film. Backed up by Corddry, this film is a must see for the funny. Everyone is going to see it eventually anyway, seeing as its very mainstream, with a huge budget and very appealing to teens and such. Going to Vegas to party and them getting married almost on accident is appealing to most audiences, everywhere.

Overall, a good movie, i recommend watching it for the comedy. It wasn’t Superbad funny, but it had its moments! So go check it out whether you like it or not, and check it out.

What are your thoughts on What Happens In Vegas?


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