Two New Great Web Services – Ping.FM & Plurk

Plurk and Ping.FM

In just one day, I’ve found two new services that i can see myself using a lot. They both take social service posting to another level. One is on its own, and one associates with your other services with a brand new style of categorizing your networks. Ping.FM and Plurk.

Plurk – A Time Line Based Social Network

Plurk is a social network exactly like Twitter. Its also completely different from it. It uses a time line to keep track of all your friends posts rather than using a linear, straight forward message by message view of all your friends posts. This is only beneficial, and it their setup works very good.

The first unique thing about them is this giant time line that is on the top of the screen. All of your friends posts or ‘Plurks’ are arranged from new to the left and old to the right. And it is of course a time line, so there is a small bar on the bottom of the line displaying a time frame at which each post was posted. Its very easy to comprehend knowing that all the new Plurks are to the left.

Like and unlike Facebook, (not sure if Facebook puts it there anymore) Plurk uses the ‘your name’ (is) doing something way of posting a status. It lets you select from many different (is’s) such as ‘thinks’ and ‘shares.’ You can also set it to ‘freestyle’ to completely remove the (is). Each one has a different color as well for easily extinguishing them from each other when replying to a note. – Like Pownce and unlike Twitter, this network allows you to post an inline reply to your friends notes instead of using the @ symbol.

With Plurk, it is very easy to know which Plurks you haven’t seen yet, replies you haven’t seen yet, and friend requests you haven’t seen yet. On the top is your alerts. A number appears when you have new friend requests and such, and its very easily noticed. On the bottom is a button to view all the Plurks or replies that you haven’t seen yet. This is also very easy to notice.

Did i mention that Plurk is live and in real-time? Yeah. No refreshing the page, Plurks just appear when they come. Same with replies, and you are notified instantly with the simple easy-notice interface! This is what I’ve heard. I haven’t seen it in action quite yet, I’ve been messing around too much.

Ping.FM – A New Way To Post To Your Networks

This is a new way to post to your favorite status based sites, and micro-blogging/blogging sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pownce, Tumblr, and Blogger. It has a huge list of different networks you can register with Ping.FM to post to. Its very promising.

What is so unique about Ping.FM is this. You have three different categories of websites in which you actually post to. Status websites, Micro-Blogging websites, and Blogging websites. With Ping.FM you can choose say, Twitter and Facebook to be in the Status websites category. You can put Pownce and Tumblr into your Micro-Blogging category. And you can put Blogger and Myspace into your blogging category. When you post to a category, the post goes out to each service that is registered to that category.

That have a great array of tools as well such as posting from IM, and Google Talk. There is a Facebook application, an iPhone version of the website, and a WAP Mobile version of the website. Overall i would say to give this a try until Socialthing 2.0 comes out.

Here is my conclusion of Plurk and Ping.FM. I love both of these sites. I can see using Plurk a lot more than using Ping.FM because I’m a huge fan of Socialthing and I’m awaiting there new releases. They are both great new ways of handling your social networking needs though. These two sites can be picked out of the bunch, they really can.

Update – I’ve been using Plurk so much! Its a really amazing service, and i think everyone should go there instead of Twitter. Add me on Plurk! Also, a bad first impression with Ping.FM. The day i want to come back to the house to use it, its down. Great!

What do you think about these two unique websites?


One thought on “Two New Great Web Services – Ping.FM & Plurk

  1. hay.. do you know how to post status from to plurk, BUT including the “say” or “will” thing?

    every time I update status via it comes out as a freestyle status.

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