X Files – ‘I Want To Believe’ Small Review

(David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Amanda Peet)

So most of you that used to visit my blog have noticed that i took a summer vacation from blogging. Now its close to the beginning of my last year of High School and I’m getting back into all of the trades that i left off on the previous school year. This will be my first post since George Carlin passed away.

So, the new X-Files movie. Written and directed by Chris Carter who is responsible for most of the series, and the first movie as well. There is one main thing i would like to focus on in this review which i think is quite interesting. The 3 styles of story Carter delves into in the series, the first movie, and the new movie.

  • Paranormal/Extraterrestrial/Supernatural
  • Government Cover-Ups and Conspiracies
  • And the ‘Mad Scientist’ Style/Underground Operations (Not Cover-Ups)

When i say ‘Mad Scientist’ I’m referring to the episodes where instead of aliens and government conspiracies, its just some weird underground operation that people find out of the ordinary. Not far beyond reality, but just very peculiar. The new X-Files movie uses this style.

The ‘Mad Scientist’ style is defined by this. Chris Carter uses a less interesting plot with a ton of suspense to create a balance between the two, keeping you hooked until it is over. Its clear that the episodes about extraterrestrial life were much more interesting than these. The government cover-ups usually went hand in hand with the extraterrestrial life. This style is alone in the 3 categories.

This new movie had me hooked until the end because I’m just a huge fan of Mulder and Scully. The storyline didn’t pull you in, but like i said earlier, the mystery and suspense flooded the quality of the storyline so no matter what you would be excited to finish this movie.

One more thing about this movie i would like to mention has to do with ‘classic’ or ‘epic’ characters created by Carter since the beginning. Mulder and Scully are as you know, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. People were just so excited to see those two on the big screen again together that this movie would be a hit regardless of the quality of the writing and film making.

Its like Chris Carter whipped up a quick storyline that really isn’t too intriguing, added his classic characters and threw in some mystery, and bam you have yourself a movie that many people will watch. I will have to say that compared to the series and the first movie, this one barely compares at all. I still enjoyed the movie, but i think i just enjoyed seeing Mulder and Scully together again more than anything.

Update – I wrote a post about the new show Fringe on Fox, and how the themes they use are the same ones i described in this review of I Want To Believe. View Fringe post here.


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