Lost Episodes – The X Files – ‘X Cops’

Well if you don’t know this already, you can still catch The X Files on the Sci-Fi channel at 4pm EST and again later that night. I walked by my TV today, heard the original X Files theme created by Mark Snow so i took a seat and watched an episode titled ‘X Cops.’ It was very interesting.

This post contains episode spoilers.

The episode followed Mulder and Scully around on an episode of Cops. At first i wasn’t really liking it too much, seeing The X Files without the cinematic directing. It was filmed on a 60i camera just like the show Cops, and they were allowed to look at the camera. They made it well as an episode of Cops. If you were watching Cops and didn’t know who Mulder and Scully were, you would be convinced. That is, until you hear the paranormal case they were on. After all, The X Files isn’t a reality TV show.

Apparently there is some type of force going around because there is a full moon. The first thing they assume, is that its a werewolf. The first couple victims of the force had claw marks on them, so it was obviously a werewolf. The next victim was a lady that claimed she was attacked by a man with knives on his fingers. The sketch artist then drew up a sketch of Freddy Krueger and she identified that as the man that attacked her. This is when the plot thickens in the episode.

When Scully is performing an autopsy on a woman that saw the sketch artist get attacked, she uses a figure of speech for exaggeration about a disease. The lady assisting Scully with the autopsy then thinks to herself that the said disease would be the worst way to die. And then about 2 minutes later, the disease that scared her out of her wits killed her. The thickened plot at this point is solved.

Mulder becomes aware of the pattern and then realizes that all these people are getting attacked by the thing in the world they fear the most.

That is where i will stop, but this was a great find and i figured i would share it with you. For more information about this episode, visit this page.


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