Steven Bochco’s ‘Raising The Bar’ on USA

(Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Jane Kaczmarek, J. August Richards)

The newest TNT drama series from award winning producer Steven Bochco is beginning it’s action, and I’ve lived through it to tell you about it, and boy am i happy with it. Raising The Bar will be airing on Mondays, at 10/9 central. So far, the Pilot episode is what I’m going by in this review.

Let me just start off here by saying that the last thing this show lacks, is drama. TNT says they know real drama, and this show is there to prove it. The drama is so strong, it’s suspenseful. The acting is so flawless, you can relate to the majority of the characters. You can really feel what they feel. When they get hit, they get hit hard. There’s no cry baby drama in this series.

It hits where it hurts. Matters of putting an innocent man is jail all because of a half-the-time crooked judge is backing a crooked legal system. The balance of using the standard processes of law to get to the truth, versus knowing what is actually true. In this show, there seems to be only one man that will stand up for what is the truth, and for what is really right.

Raising The Bar teaches you about the very horrors that could go on with such a crooked legal system. Ahead you will find some quotes from the show i hand picked, that i think, define the show entirely in a nutshell.

  • “You don’t have to believe the words, you just have to say them.”
  • “You would rather win, than find the truth.”

The term ‘Raising The Bar’ i think goes hand in hand with ‘Crossing The Line.’ But yet for the good, not the bad. That is what this show is all about.

The show so far follows a public defender going head to head with a judge who backs a crooked legal system. The system happens to be kept alive by what the system will and will not let leak into the media. The protagonist in this series, seems to be the only one strong enough to make the system bend for the truth, and to do what is right.

In a nutshell, i loved the Pilot episode. I couldn’t get enough of these characters. Very easy to connect with. It only took about half of the episode for me to realize which characters i could connect with and which ones i couldn’t. All of the actors just nail it all the way through the hour. I cannot wait for some more episodes of ‘Raising The Bar.’ It’s going to be a great show, and I’m sure many will love it like i did!

Update – The premiere episode of Raising The Bar broke a Cable TV record!

That beat the previous record set in 2004 by USA Network’s “The 4400” (7.4 million) and also bested the 2005 debut of TNT’s hit drama “The Closer” (7 million).


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