Simple file hosting + sharing with CloudApp

Available now only on the Mac App Store is a popular file sharing application CloudApp. Yesterday I managed to find a page allowing you to download it directly from their website along with the Courier plugin by RealMac Software, but that page seems to be MIA at the moment.

CloudApp hides well in your Mac OS menubar with a drop down menu listing your top 5 recent uploads and a link to the web app. You’re able to drag and drop almost any file type right to the menubar icon to upload it immediately. Alternatively you can use the web app to drag and drop as well, or select a file from a browser. The icon turns blue and a custom sound may be triggered when the upload is complete.

File types include: Images (all formats), Bookmarks (by typing / pasting the address into the upload bar within web app), Text Files, Archives, Audio Files, and Video Files. Once uploaded, you can click on the thumbnail to get a ‘CloudApp’ page to enlarge and view your file. You then have to click the ‘Direct Link’ button in the corner to view file on a dedicated page. That’s slightly inconvenient, but it does this to promote its ‘Simple Sharing’ feature button which uses RealMac Software’s ‘Courier’ plugin to share via Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites.

CloudApps Web Interface

Both the web app and the menubar application work seamlessly together, both showing a hit / view count on each file.

In that drop down you will notice the feature that I believe sets this app apart from all those similar. You’ll see an unchecked option titled, “Auto-Upload Screenshots.” It enables exactly what it says. Using Preview, Grab, Command+Shift+3 (Takes screenshot of entire screen), Command+Shift+4 (Takes a selective screenshot of a specified zone or a single window by tapping the spacebar) or any other hotkey, CloudApp recognizes all of those and can upload them automatically. This feature does wonders for writing a blog post or any other project that may require multiple screens.

Free Users

  • Only 10 file uploads of any kind per day
  • Maximum file size of 25MB
  • NO sharing links with custom domain name
Paid Users
  • Unlimited uploads per day
  • Maximum file size of 250MB
  • Ability to share links with a specified custom domain name

Overall: If you have Mac OS Lion, this should be the first app on your download list if you ever need to upload files for any reason.

If you’re a blogger, it’s easier than uploading into your server such as WordPress. It takes 2 seconds to upload and copy the link. It made this post much faster to create with all the links to the supporting photos I was going to use right up there in my menubar.

Readers: Do you use Cloud App? It’s honestly where it’s at.


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