The Retina Display Is Coming To A Laptop/Desktop Near You

As of right now the only product widely known to have the high-res Retina Display is the iPhone 4. Not for long. Other’s want in on the action. It’s one of the  many features that enabled Apple to release a whole new refresh to the iPhone lineup.

First of all, what is the Retina Display?

The iPhone 4 Retina Display

  • larger than usual angle of view. Above 120 degrees.
  • It approaches the human eye’s view with such a high-resolution capability.
  • The color resolution is much greater than that of a conventional display.
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The iPhone 3Gs had a 163 ppi screen with a 480-x-320 resolution.

The iPhone 4 has a 326 ppi screen with a 960-x-640-pixel resolution, squeezed into the same 3.5 inch display. (ppi = pixels per inch)

We have yet to find out whether or not these Retina Displays will have all the same features as the iPhone. The iPhone 4 has a huge contrast ratio for better whites, darks, and just better looking shades of color.

The small screen contains IPS Technology (In-Plane Switching) used to improve viewing angles, and enhance colors. (produces 8-bit color rather than the conventional, cheaper 6-bit color produced with TN Technology—Twisted Nematic)

Apple Products

The iPad and the iPhone 4 both have Retina Displays. Apple has been laying the ground work for all of its products to include it.

Right now looking at my iMac display, I will say that I wish it had the screen my iPhone has. It puts all of their Mac displays to shame. (It’s not that bad since they implemented LED Backlighting into almost all of their products—still not the same)

They’ve already brought the technology to their newest OS, Lion since the developer builds. Buried far under the hood. Now we just have to wait until either LG or Samsung can bring the right Retina technologies to the table.

Microsoft Is Getting In

This is where all of the hype is coming from. Everyone is hearing about the Retina Display going mainstream into Laptop and Desktop Displays.

Microsoft is building Windows 8 to support them just like OS Lion. It’s a bit early to tell whether or not it will be worth for them with Windows 8 seeing as half of their OS is simple child shapes at this point. They’re taking Windows Phone to the desktop.

These displays will apparently boast 250+ DPI (dots per inch)—which is well above the standard.

Will It Be Worth It?

It’s hard to tell whether or not these displays will actually still compete with Retina Screens like those on the iPhone. We don’t know if they are going to support LED Backlighting. We don’t know if they will support IPS Technology. We also don’t know if they are going to squeeze in pixels at the same ratio or better into the same size screen.

Apple is very innovative compared to most companies. They’ve also beat them all to the punch with the best display on a phone.

///We are supposed to see this all happening within the next couple of years.

Overall: I believe that these displays won’t really be as good as they sound. Sure they’re going to give it a shot, but who’s on board? HP? Dell? I know right now that if Dell gets on board, I’m on board. Aside from Apple, Dell makes the best monitors out there & they’re even cheaper than Apple Cinema Displays.

Readers: Are you on board? Do you think we will see beautiful screens on our laptops and desktops just like the iPhone?

(Sources: MacRumors, Wikipedia, PCWorld, BGR)


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