An Adventure Through The Windows 8 Dev Preview


VMWare has release a new version of VMWare Fusion. Version 4 is optimized for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). It comes with about 90+ new features including the simple ability to run a copy of 10.7 Lion or Lion Server within a Virtual Machine. It also supports 10.6 Snow Leopard and Snow Leopard Server. It’s available for a promo price of $49.99 until the end of the year.

I’m a huge fan of virtualizing Operating Systems, so jumped right at the opportunity for a version optimized specifically for my OS.

Then, i found out that today, Microsoft decided to release a Developer Preview of Windows 8 downloadable for free from their Developer site.

It took me about an hour to download because I’m sure i wasn’t the only one downloading it at the time. Within VMWare Fusion 4 it took about 15 minutes to install. It honestly took longer for Windows 8 to boot up than it did to actually install it in a Virtual Machine.

Right when i jumped into the OS i was blown away. Finally, Microsoft did something right for Windows. A beautiful full screen start menu interface using a “Metro Style” application interface. I took a bunch of screenshots to show everyone, and let them know how beautifully designed almost every part of this OS really is. Here we go after the break.

Screenshots After The Break!

The Start Page is home to all Metro apps, regular apps, and a link back to the desktop. It shows the current information on the icons of each app you have active. For example, the weather app icon would show the current forecast. It’s very pretty. Just hit the Windows key to go back here from other apps.

This is the full screen Metro style Control Panel. There is also a regular version of the app. The interface of these Metro apps just gets better as we go. If you hold your mouse against any side of the screen, a small icon pops up, and you can click it at any time to get back to your Desktop. 

The new Windows Explorer has a Microsoft Office feel to it. Three tabs. The view tab is perfect for having a full toolbar full of view options. Honestly, Mac OS could use this functionality. No more drop down menus for view options. Also being a Desktop shot, clicking the Start button brings you directly to the Full Screen Metro Start Page. I’m not sure yet how exactly to change it to a regular start menu. It had one at first, then i tried again and BAM. Full screen. Hmm.

The new Internet Explorer has a much better interface.. Seems to be much faster. It’s hard to tell when in VMWare since I’m only running 1GB of RAM dedicated to the Virtual Machines. Tabs on the top now.. Almost like Chrome, but next to everything instead of above. You’ll notice that Windows 8 isn’t the same Aero as Windows 7 or Vista. It’s more streamlined like the transition from Mac OS Tiger to Leopard.

This is the built in Twitter application. It’s a Metro style app with everything you will need to use Twitter to its fullest. I didn’t see Lists though.. It’s easy to switch from this to your desktop, so being a full screen Metro app doesn’t effect your workflow.

Windows 8’s Facebook app.

RSS news app. Add feeds or select from the included popular sites.

The customizable weather application. The background is actually a video, and looks like crap on a 20″ screen. Hopefully they up the resolution when the final version comes!

Flash Cards Metro app. Quite interesting. I’m sure people could actually get use out of this one.

There is also a few other apps that i didn’t get photos of, but are still very useful. Alarms, and a “Notes” like application for sticky’s.

News Splash Screen

The Notespace splash screen.

Flash Cards app splash screen.

Overall: The OS has an amazing interface compares to previous Windows releases. Metro apps are actually pretty cool. Thank god they made it somewhat simple to switch back and forth between apps or else you would have NO workflow. This is for sure an OS built for Tablets. Everything about these Metro apps says, “SWIPE!”

Readers: Go get your hands on the Developer preview, and let me know what you think of these apps!

(Sources: MacRumors, Mashable, Microsoft)


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