Netflix Is Sorry; Probably Mad A Stoner Took Their Twitter Name

Click the photo to enlarge and read entire email.

Netflix went crazy late yesterday, and decided to let us all know that despite the splitting of the services, (DVD / Streaming now have separate pricing) they’re going to change their ‘DVD By Mail’ service’s name to “Qwikster” and launch a huge upgrade.. Come to find out, they didn’t quite lock down their Twitter name.

Qwikster” on Twitter, belongs to a pot-head named Jason Castillo. Here’s what he has to say, “Bored as shyt wanna blaze but at the same time I don’t ugh fuck it where’s the bowl at spark me up lls.” You guys did good. Real good Netflix.

Co-Founder & CEO Reed Hastings told me, (and everyone else) “I messed up, I owe you an explanation.”

Read more + PROS & CONS after the break:

I actually thought I was the first on this topic today.. Turns out every other blog decided NOT to SLEEP, and steal all the glory. Most of them aren’t going by the email. They’re going by tips. All good.. ;)

“So we moved quickly into streaming, but I should have personally given you a full explanation of why we are splitting the services and thereby increasing prices.”

So apparently, Reed felt guilty enough to send out an email to all the Netflix subscribers. Now, I’m not sure if only those who received this email, were ones that recently changed their account to the ‘Unlimited Streaming Only’ setting. That’s why I find this all so ironic. Just last night I switched it, and announced on Twitter the prices were getting ridiculous.

I suppose their stock-drop brought them some tears.


1. For one, the debacle with the Twitter account has everyone’s guts hurting from immense laughter. It’s priceless when an ethical company, that usually has all the bases covered—up until about a week ago—would forget something so simple as to forget Twitter! The launching of a Twitter account comes way before the launch of the product.

They’ve got enough guilt already with the price-up. Now they’ve got to deal with Jason Castillo and his drug habit. Shit, I’m sure he got tons of followers for this though. Touche!

2. Whether or not you’re signed up for a DVD and Streaming plan, you will see both your DVD and Watch Instantly tabs in the queue page. It will be nice not to have to click on Instant every single time you’ve already clicked ‘Queue.’ When running a product that has the potential to bore people, (not everyone will watch movies online forever, thing do get old) every click matters. The less clicks, the better to one the ease of use will be.

3. (Quote below) Well something had to bring them to this. And if it’s in the same email, I say there is a root cause here.

“One improvement we will make at launch is to add a video games upgrade option, similar to our upgrade option for Blu-ray, for those who want to rent Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 games.”

GAMES! Period. Video games as simple as selecting the option with it. Just like Blu-Ray.


1. Sometimes what is a Pro, is also a Con. The debacle with Twitter! Wow Reed has to feel like such a dummy. Tomorrow, or even later today—we will probably receive another email from him, with a new name for Qwikster. Apologizing for accidentally associating himself with the drug world.

2. People that weren’t bothered with this price hike. Now it is confirmed to them that the prices have gone up. This is for the kids out there, whose parents are the ones getting the Netflix bill. Now that they know about it, these sly kids won’t be able to get away with it anymore. What was, as of yesterday, just a small purchase off the card, is now officially something mommy or daddy might not want to pay for. This is quite unlikely in most cases, but it does exist. Trust me, I just saw it happen.

Overall: I believe that the ‘Games’ upgrade will (long-term) put Gamefly right into the deadpool. Even if Gamefly, right now, would begin offering movies, it wouldn’t compete. Netflix already has an amazing selection of movies both on Instant and on DVD/Blu-Ray. Now with Games, who would have the need for another service? Those who would want to stay loyal, yes, but overall? No. [I’m sure they’ll stay loyal after this Twitter business! ;)]

Readers: How much of a dummy is Reed? (1-10) You think Gamefly is out of business or what!?

(Update Sep 19 7:44AM): And for the record, Qwikster is such an awful name. Doesn’t suit it at all. They wanted something that said, “Go fast!” Just like Game-FLY. Fly. Qwik. See some brand-inspiration happening here? I sure as hell do. I think they’re throwing it right in GF’s face.


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