I Get Personal With Behance’s Action Book / Action Method

Aside from hunting for worthless free WordPress themes, the death of Steve Jobs and the hourly wait for iOS5—I’ve been away for a few days.

First of all, if you’re a creative person without you own laptop.. You’ve come to the right post.

I found the perfect helper for all of this downtime. The elegant, social-creative-professional-portfolio website, Behance.net has a sub-company titled, Creatives Outfitter. They make incredible notebooks, notepads, etc. There’s much more to it.

These aren’t your usually stationary. We’re talking, elegant-creative-productive-professional. That’s what Behance is all about in the first place. I spent around $15. I’d never spend fifteen bones on a pad of paper. Unless, it gave me a template allowing me to get shit done. That’s what this does.

I purchased the Action Book. I’ve spent the last 6 days writing in it. It helps you prepare for anything you’ve decided to call a project. From simply something at home that you’d like to create steps—to be more productive. From business meetings, to planning blog posts, the action book alone has everything you need to be at the top of your game. I used it to detail out this post itself. It was a late night so i wrote a ton, and won’t be sharing everything, but just enough.


1. Bloggers without laptops – I, personally do not own a laptop. I’m still stuck on my 2007 iMac, and I’ve been wanting to switch to a MacBook Pro since, most likely the day I bought the thing. SO when I’m sitting in my living room watching tv, I don’t have the luxury of hittin up my homies unless I’d like to use the iPhone that i smashed to pieces practically. I went nuts with the Action Book and knocked out huge details on about 4 posts I’d like to use for @zakkforchilli. Some, I’ll probably throw away, but It’ll be good to have the extra ideas floating around for later projects and such.

See more+screenshots after the break! I love this thing!

2. Boredom – If you haven’t been a typical online reader and actually read something before you got to these bullet points, you would have realized that I used it for this post. The past 6 days I’ve been a little pre-occupied with boredom so when I got this in the mail I was stoked. It only took about 2 days to get here with standard-free-ground shipping. Made my day. I wrote at least 2000 words in the Action Book within the first 3-4 hours of ripping the plastic off of it.

3. Old-school note taking of any kind – Business meetings these are big for—but I’m surely not at that stage, and don’t really plan to be—so I’m not really familiar with that one, but I definitely get the picture. High school kids would love this if they’re productive at all, or want to be. When I go to college in my hopefully-near-future I’m going to buy another one of these bad boys. I probably won’t ever fill it up (I’m not that creative) but you get the idea.

Action Method

What the “Action Book” is based on, is Behance’s “Action Method.” It’s technically just the name of their “Suite” of a variety of different notepads and stationary. The Suite includes the Action Method template on each sheet. It’s simple.

Starts with a title area and a date slot at the top.

Below that is their slick “Dot-Grid” instead of college or wide ruled lines on a page or a clean sheet. The Dot-Grid is amazing for sketches, and It’s really not bad for writing a ton.

Along the right side of the page, there are the “Action Steps.” These are crucial little spaces (including checkboxes for obvious reasons) for your steps, and a little room to elaborate.

Below the Action Steps at the bottom is what’s called the “Backburner.” Personally, I use this very small space to simply jot down small clues for myself when I’d like to reference them later in the Dot-Grid. Lasting thoughts, if you will.


I’ve taken a couple of photos here for you all to check out from my unboxing affair.

Online: They also have a newly added Online Action Method. They now have an online service which you can now connect to via their iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile applications.

Overall: I love this thing. The Action Book full notebook is worth it above the rest; others are practically just add-ons for your workflow. They could really work as a workflow though, using the smaller pad to reference and take notes, while elaborating using the full size book. I advice everyone to grab one. Drop $15 and be more productive in your downtime; especially if you’re lacking a laptop.

Readers: Have you used any of Behance’s products? What about their new online suite? It’s gone mobile, so get to it!


6 thoughts on “I Get Personal With Behance’s Action Book / Action Method

  1. I’ve been using their materials from Levenger for awhile and just started trying the online version, too. It’s amazingly simply and yet elegant. Seems to be working for many of us. Thanks for the post.

  2. Exactly where did you end up getting the recommendations to create ““I Get Personal With Behances Action Book / Action Method |
    @zakkforchilli”? Thanks for your effort -Carlton

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