About Me

In a nutshell

Freelance – Blog – Strategy – Photo – Logo – Print – Video – Music

Freelance creative. Blogger (Social Media, Entertainment, Software) – Social Media Strategist – Photographer – Graphic Designer (Photoshop, Logos, Some Illustrator, Web) – Musical Virtuoso (Drummer, Guitarist, Vocalist, Mixer, Publisher, Producer) – Filmmaker’

The story

I grew up in Upstate NY with a passion for rock music and skateboarding, which evolved into a much broader passion that began to include all versions of rock music, skateboarding like a mad man, causing trouble, and starting to PLAY the music.

I got my first guitar and drum set, and quickly knew why i was here. To create. And that’s what i would do for many many years to come. Thats all i do, and thats all I’m here for. To create.

Then got into designing everything imaginable, taking photos of everything imaginable, and filming everything. We all got our first cameras, out first editing setups, and it was a blast into the future from there. I was the earliest of the creative young generation. Where you started to see children doing what many in Social Media are famous for, and some of us did it better.

I know my way around any camera you throw at me, any application, any code (HA almost.), and sure as hell any grouping of words.

Work I’ve Done On The Internet

  • Formerly a writer for Top Secret Blogger
  • Was consulted for the construction of many social media sites including I Heart Movies.
  • Was consulted to write about new Social Start-Ups including SocialThing 2.0. (Popular)
  • Designed logos for many small-time social media blogs and websites.
  • Designed layouts for small-time clients and personal portfolios.
I hope to constantly expand my reach. I’m into everything internet related.