Blog Overview

I decided to create this page to give users an overview on what this blog is about, so you don’t have to rummage through the categories and posts to get the lowdown on my material.

I like to look at the big picture when I write my Social Media and Entertainment works. It helps to try and mentally, “stand back” and take a good look. I get very good feedback on my Social Media / Entertainment Climate-type posts.

What i primarily write about:

  • Social Media / Networking
  • Software / Startups
  • The Technology Climate

What i secondarily delve into:

  • The Entertainment Industry (Usually Rants)
  • Movies / Television

Here are possibly, my best written works so far.

favorite posts on Software

favorite posts on Startups

So there you have it. My blog in a nutshell, for those of you that would like to get your feet wet before you go diving in to a new blog on the internet. I really hope you enjoy my content as much as I do. I write about what I am passionate about. I’ll get a hunch, and BAM.. Gotta tell the world!