I Get Personal With Behance’s Action Book / Action Method

Aside from hunting for worthless free WordPress themes, the death of Steve Jobs and the hourly wait for iOS5—I’ve been away for a few days.

First of all, if you’re a creative person without you own laptop.. You’ve come to the right post.

I found the perfect helper for all of this downtime. The elegant, social-creative-professional-portfolio website, Behance.net has a sub-company titled, Creatives Outfitter. They make incredible notebooks, notepads, etc. There’s much more to it.

These aren’t your usually stationary. We’re talking, elegant-creative-productive-professional. That’s what Behance is all about in the first place. I spent around $15. I’d never spend fifteen bones on a pad of paper. Unless, it gave me a template allowing me to get shit done. That’s what this does.

I purchased the Action Book. I’ve spent the last 6 days writing in it. It helps you prepare for anything you’ve decided to call a project. From simply something at home that you’d like to create steps—to be more productive. From business meetings, to planning blog posts, the action book alone has everything you need to be at the top of your game. I used it to detail out this post itself. It was a late night so i wrote a ton, and won’t be sharing everything, but just enough.


1. Bloggers without laptops – I, personally do not own a laptop. I’m still stuck on my 2007 iMac, and I’ve been wanting to switch to a MacBook Pro since, most likely the day I bought the thing. SO when I’m sitting in my living room watching tv, I don’t have the luxury of hittin up my homies unless I’d like to use the iPhone that i smashed to pieces practically. I went nuts with the Action Book and knocked out huge details on about 4 posts I’d like to use for @zakkforchilli. Some, I’ll probably throw away, but It’ll be good to have the extra ideas floating around for later projects and such.

See more+screenshots after the break! I love this thing!

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Book Review – Daddy’s Little Girl – M.H.C.

“Daddy’s Little Girl” By Mary Higgins Clark

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Rating On GoodReads: 5 Stars
Recommended To: Anyone, Anywhere
Recommended By: I picked it off my Mother’s bookshelf

Note: I have the hard-cover. Just saying because i put the review on the paperback. Not like it matters. Enjoy the review.

This book had sucked me in since the beginning. Not being an avid reader whatsoever, i was amazed how much this book grabbed me, and never let me go. The story-line was so approachable, and i couldn’t help but to remember every little second of it, and remember it so clearly, that i could relive it whenever i felt like it.

It played out so well in my head, i could have sworn it was written for the screen. It amazed me how well i thought out every scene as a movie. I would love to know how Mary Higgins Clark pictured it, because i think my view had to have been very similar. From the look of the settings, to the look of the characters, i had perfect pictures in my mind that will never leave me.

For being the first book i have read in a long time, i feel so accomplished after reading this, that I’m destine to see a film based on this book. If there isn’t one, or wont be one, we must do something about that. I have a perfect vision for every detail, and i hope to see this on the screen someday.

I give it 5 stars, hands down. Mary Higgins Clark created the perfect story with Daddy’s Little Girl. From the beginning, to the end. I hope you all will enjoy this book as well.