From UNREAL BANTER: “Your Best Bet When Holiday Shopping For Electronics (gdgt)”

A must-read post about why you should be using GDGT to help you find amazing prices for gadgets and electronics for Black Friday and the whole Holiday-Season! LINK TO THE POST!

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

When it comes towards the holidays, everyone gets crazy—we all know that. But we also get extremely cheap, and we find out later—when all the holiday shopping is done—that there were tons of better deals we could’ve anticipated, but hadn’t found.

This isn’t the “Holiday Shopping Breakdown” post (that’s coming beginning of December)—this is a showcase of the spot you all should be browsing until that holiday shopping craze floods in.

What’s this spot? A fairly new site I may have mentioned before called GDGT. (Obviously stands for Gadget) It has a parent company, Past Future. They’ve done a great thing. From what I can remember, GDGT has only been around for one or maybe 2 holiday seasons.

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Please give it a look, I’ve put a lot of work into starting it up! I will still be showing the important posts on here just like this for you lazy readers ;)


Netflix Is Sorry; Probably Mad A Stoner Took Their Twitter Name

Click the photo to enlarge and read entire email.

Netflix went crazy late yesterday, and decided to let us all know that despite the splitting of the services, (DVD / Streaming now have separate pricing) they’re going to change their ‘DVD By Mail’ service’s name to “Qwikster” and launch a huge upgrade.. Come to find out, they didn’t quite lock down their Twitter name.

Qwikster” on Twitter, belongs to a pot-head named Jason Castillo. Here’s what he has to say, “Bored as shyt wanna blaze but at the same time I don’t ugh fuck it where’s the bowl at spark me up lls.” You guys did good. Real good Netflix.

Co-Founder & CEO Reed Hastings told me, (and everyone else) “I messed up, I owe you an explanation.”

Read more + PROS & CONS after the break:

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Vector Tuts – New Site For Illustrator Tutorials

VECTORTUTS is a new site partnered with the sites below. Giving you the best Adobe Illustrator tutorials and techniques. They should have some amazing content soon!

You all probably know about PSDTUTS, the site for some of the best Photoshop tutorials on the web. They pay you per tutorial over there, and now have a Plus membership like service.

You also should know about NETTUTS, for the best tutorials on the web on how to do the coolest things with your website. They have some incredible stuff over there. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript!

Have you checked out the best tutorials on the web?

Orgoo – Email and IM All In One Place!

I recently received an invite from the staff of Orgoo, and so far I’ve found it quite amazing. What is unique about Orgoo compared to all of the other ‘All In One’ services, is simply that they do it right. The others have a long term goal, while Orgoo is already here with most IM services, and Email services. So the second you log in to Orgoo, you will have access to all of this.

A Quick Overview

  • All Common IM and Email Services Supported
  • Incredibly Easy To Use Interface
  • Pop Up Notifications
  • Tabbed Interface
  • Choice To Pop Out Some Tabs
  • Themes (Coming Soon)
  • Contact List
  • Calendar (Coming Soon)
  • Search All Of Your Email and IM Logs

When you first log in to Orgoo, your primary tab is the All Mail tab. This is where all of your new Email messages will appear, from all of your Email accounts. The next tab is the video chat tab. You can create a room like on Yahoo! Live, and stream yourself to anyone you would like. You can have private rooms, or you can choose to stream to the public. Most clicks you make, you will see things opening in new tabs, unless you specify in the settings wether or not to open certain things in a new window such as IM.

What You Get!

  • Free Orgoo Email Address (
  • 50 Free SMS Messages (Upgrade Available)
  • Access To As Many Email And IM Accounts As You Want

Email – Orgoo has Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, .Mac, and an option to use your own POP or IMAP service that requires custom settings and setup. So you can use any web mail service with Orgoo. You can add as many services as you want at any time. So if you have 5 email addresses, you can register them all with Orgoo, and receive on the fly Email just like you would through your favorite Email client.

Instant Messaging (IM) – Instant Messaging with Orgoo is easier than with most multiple account services. The easiest way to do IM is to go to the settings page, and choose to open the buddy list and IM windows in a new window so its just as if you were to use Adium. The buddy list contains all of your contacts from all services you register with it such as AIM, MSN, and Yahoo! Messenger.

SMS – Yes you heard me, Orgoo supports SMS. You get 50 free SMS messages per month. You can upgrade to an unlimited account to send as many as you would like. SMS messages are provided by Joopz, an online text messaging starup.

Conclusion – This has been a small review of Orgoo. I’m just getting used to it, and there are many things coming for Orgoo in the near future that will make the service very hard to resist. Its hard already not to sign off of iChat and MSN Messenger just to use Orgoo with all of your accounts. I’m sure many will use this service, and if you need an invite, let me know! I have a bunch left, but they should go quick! Did i mention that you get your own Email address?

Leave a comment in the comments below if you would like an invite to Orgoo. Make sure to put your Email address in the appropriate field so i can send it quickly.

What do you think about Orgoo?

Two New Great Web Services – Ping.FM & Plurk

Plurk and Ping.FM

In just one day, I’ve found two new services that i can see myself using a lot. They both take social service posting to another level. One is on its own, and one associates with your other services with a brand new style of categorizing your networks. Ping.FM and Plurk.

Plurk – A Time Line Based Social Network

Plurk is a social network exactly like Twitter. Its also completely different from it. It uses a time line to keep track of all your friends posts rather than using a linear, straight forward message by message view of all your friends posts. This is only beneficial, and it their setup works very good.

The first unique thing about them is this giant time line that is on the top of the screen. All of your friends posts or ‘Plurks’ are arranged from new to the left and old to the right. And it is of course a time line, so there is a small bar on the bottom of the line displaying a time frame at which each post was posted. Its very easy to comprehend knowing that all the new Plurks are to the left.

Like and unlike Facebook, (not sure if Facebook puts it there anymore) Plurk uses the ‘your name’ (is) doing something way of posting a status. It lets you select from many different (is’s) such as ‘thinks’ and ‘shares.’ You can also set it to ‘freestyle’ to completely remove the (is). Each one has a different color as well for easily extinguishing them from each other when replying to a note. – Like Pownce and unlike Twitter, this network allows you to post an inline reply to your friends notes instead of using the @ symbol.

With Plurk, it is very easy to know which Plurks you haven’t seen yet, replies you haven’t seen yet, and friend requests you haven’t seen yet. On the top is your alerts. A number appears when you have new friend requests and such, and its very easily noticed. On the bottom is a button to view all the Plurks or replies that you haven’t seen yet. This is also very easy to notice.

Did i mention that Plurk is live and in real-time? Yeah. No refreshing the page, Plurks just appear when they come. Same with replies, and you are notified instantly with the simple easy-notice interface! This is what I’ve heard. I haven’t seen it in action quite yet, I’ve been messing around too much.

Ping.FM – A New Way To Post To Your Networks

This is a new way to post to your favorite status based sites, and micro-blogging/blogging sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pownce, Tumblr, and Blogger. It has a huge list of different networks you can register with Ping.FM to post to. Its very promising.

What is so unique about Ping.FM is this. You have three different categories of websites in which you actually post to. Status websites, Micro-Blogging websites, and Blogging websites. With Ping.FM you can choose say, Twitter and Facebook to be in the Status websites category. You can put Pownce and Tumblr into your Micro-Blogging category. And you can put Blogger and Myspace into your blogging category. When you post to a category, the post goes out to each service that is registered to that category.

That have a great array of tools as well such as posting from IM, and Google Talk. There is a Facebook application, an iPhone version of the website, and a WAP Mobile version of the website. Overall i would say to give this a try until Socialthing 2.0 comes out.

Here is my conclusion of Plurk and Ping.FM. I love both of these sites. I can see using Plurk a lot more than using Ping.FM because I’m a huge fan of Socialthing and I’m awaiting there new releases. They are both great new ways of handling your social networking needs though. These two sites can be picked out of the bunch, they really can.

Update – I’ve been using Plurk so much! Its a really amazing service, and i think everyone should go there instead of Twitter. Add me on Plurk! Also, a bad first impression with Ping.FM. The day i want to come back to the house to use it, its down. Great!

What do you think about these two unique websites?

Use Fluid App For Mobile Sites

I’ve been messing around with Fluid App a lot lately, and I’ve found one way to use it to its greatest capabilities. To create perfect little apps for sites that have an iPhone version. I first got this idea from the video of Socialthing plus Fluid App.

Fluid App is what we call ‘Site Specific Browsers.’ What the application does is it takes a single website, and turns it into a standalone application you can run on your desktop. Any website can be used with Fluid App. Go to their website with the link above and see the full details. Its amazing.

The first site i tried it with was Facebook. They have an iPhone version of their website that makes their regular website look like crap. The iPhone version looks amazing, and the normal version should look like this in the first place. To the right is a screen shot, click to enlarge. You can instantly tell that the new Fluid App skin called HUD looks amazing with any site, and this is a perfect example.

The next site i tried out was Pownce Mobile. They have a very simple iPhone website that has all the relevant features just like Facebook does. Everything about the mobile version of Pownce seems better than the regular site.

There is no JavaScript functionality (or whatever Pownce uses) so you don’t get the cool effect when posting a comment or anything, but its still awesome. Its everything you need, simpler than the normal version of the site. And once again it looks great with the Fluid App’s HUD interface.

The last one I’ve done so far is the Digg iPhone site. This is one of my favorites. Its very simple. I mean a ton more simple than Facebook and Pownce.

A header, a list of stories and a link to get to the next page of stories. When you login on the Digg mobile site it doesn’t bring you to another page, either. It keeps you right where you are the whole time while you Digg your stories.

That’s it for the sites that i have tried so far. (Their mobile versions with Fluid App) I wanted to try Socialthing! but the site wouldn’t work for me with Fluid App for some reason. I’m going to try and get it to work, but you can find a video of that here.

Update – I finally got Socialthing Mobile to work with Fluid app. What i was doing wrong was that i didn’t know you had to log in first before you could actually access the mobile version of Socialthing. But i got it to work and here are some details.

The interface is more than incredible for Socialthing Mobile. The incredible styled toolbar on the top just glows on the interface. Everything is well placed, and it the mobile version actually illustrated features that are coming soon! Such as, a profile for your username just like Friendfeed has, and also settings changing in the mobile version. Also, posting more than just status messages!

The next service i tried after Socialthing! was Brightkite. I had forgotten all about that site because i can’t really use it yet seeing as I’m on Verizon right now.

Brightkite clearly has the best interface of all I’ve seen so far. Amazing buttons with perfect gradients, a beautiful glowing toolbar just like Socialthing, your current status message on the top, and its easy as pie to use. Very simple and elegant interface. That’s what I’m seeing in most of these new startups going with a mobile version of their website.

Update 2 – I took it a step further, and loaded up an iPhone version of Weatherbug. So when i want to, i can load it up and get the temperature outside in huge numbers.

Their service isn’t great compared to The Weather Channel, becuase you can get 10 hour forecasts that way. It will do when i just want a cool little application to check the temperature though! The interface isn’t too great for this application, but i can’t seem to find a good weather application for the iPhone that actually does. If anyone knows any good web apps than let me know!

Update 3 – I have found an amazing post, from a commenter on this post. This post illustrates how to use Twitter directly from the menu bar (On Mac) with Hahlo, and Fluid App! This is quite amazing, and it brings the menu bar function of Fluid App to life! Click here! Just remember you can do this with any application!

What do you think about using iPhone versions on the desktop?