UNREALBANTER Has A New Sidekick On Tumblr

I’ll be using my newly setup Tumblr blog to post those “other” posts everyone does. If I watch a movie and have a quick thought on it, but it’s not worth going into detail about, I’ll use the Tumbr blog instead of cluttering this one up.

Same goes for many other topics, but you get the idea. So follow it, or just stay tuned here on the main blog, because I’ll be posting short link posts to the ones worth reading. I might just do a digest type post once a week or so detailing what’s been going on over there. It won’t even be that much different because I chose a theme (see below) that makes it all familiar!

I’ve added Disqus comments as well, so don’t be frightened. And for those new to Tumblr, the header / title links are NOT permalinks, they’re EXTERNAL links. You must use the permalink icon on the bottom of the post, or click the comment count. Cheers.

Here it is — UNREALBANTER on Tumblr

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From UNREAL BANTER: “Your Best Bet When Holiday Shopping For Electronics (gdgt)”

A must-read post about why you should be using GDGT to help you find amazing prices for gadgets and electronics for Black Friday and the whole Holiday-Season! LINK TO THE POST!

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

When it comes towards the holidays, everyone gets crazy—we all know that. But we also get extremely cheap, and we find out later—when all the holiday shopping is done—that there were tons of better deals we could’ve anticipated, but hadn’t found.

This isn’t the “Holiday Shopping Breakdown” post (that’s coming beginning of December)—this is a showcase of the spot you all should be browsing until that holiday shopping craze floods in.

What’s this spot? A fairly new site I may have mentioned before called GDGT. (Obviously stands for Gadget) It has a parent company, Past Future. They’ve done a great thing. From what I can remember, GDGT has only been around for one or maybe 2 holiday seasons.

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Unreal Banter is my new blog! I’m still available for questions, comments, and conversation here though! Still monitoring this site, and updating accordingly.

Please give it a look, I’ve put a lot of work into starting it up! I will still be showing the important posts on here just like this for you lazy readers ;)

New BLOG ‘Unreal Banter’ — That’s Where I’ll Be.

If you’re looking for some new content, head over to my new blog Unreal Banter. It’s the same ol’ me, just re-organized. I needed a fresh start if I were to start this back up again the right way.

I’ve had this self-named WordPress.com blog since about, 2005. It’s been 7 years. Content ranges from awful, to awful-est. I really needed a blank slate this time, I can’t just keep leaving and coming back if it’s going to be the same ol’ slate.

So check it out!!

ALSO, if you still stumble on something on this site, I’m still allowing emails for new comments and such, so I will still be joining the conversation over here, as long as it lasts. But all the new content will be on Unreal Banter.

And YES, still a WordPress.com website. Why don’t I get a domain? I’m asked that 100 times a month, and say the same thing. I’m broke. Won’t be dropping cash for something I can’t seem to do 24/7. Sure, I moderate, conversate, etc 24/7 but writing every single day all year round isn’t something I can do if I want to move on with life.

You catch my drift. So what are you waiting for? FOLLOW Unreal Banter!

Get subscribed now! I’m getting my initial amount of posts done before I begin laying them out, FYI. So I can stick to a posting schedule. Talk to me on Twitter for updates of when I start posting. By Friday, you will see the first.