RIP Don LaFontaine – Now Bring In Pablo Francisco

Everyone has heard his voice. ‘The Movie Trailer Guy’ has died at the age of 68. Don LaFontaine was around 13 years old when in mid-sentence his voice dropped making him embarrassed to talk the next day in school. His voice never went back to normal again.

He then went into the movie industry as a film editor and then went on to be the guy you hear in every movie trailer you ever see. He has done over 5,000 movie trailer and TV voiceovers. Whether you know the name or not, you will always remember the voice attached to all of what he has done.

Here is a video tribute to the man behind the voice. Here is Pablo Francisco the hilarious comedian doing his voice better than I’ve seen anyone do it. I wonder if film-makers will go to Pablo now.

Update – I just realized he was set to be interviewed for an upcoming documentary titled ‘The Voice Gods Of Hollywood.’ Hopefully they got his interviews finished because he was the voice god! It’s filming right now, heading for a 2009 release. Keep your eye out!