iCloud – As Simple As It Could Possibly Get..

Apple has released iCloud for Mac OS X Lion as well as iCloud in iOS5. I’m not exactly going to write an article here. I’m going to lay it out as simply as it can be laid out. Screenshots and lists are all you people want to see anyway, so here we go.

iCloud in iOS5 & OS X Lion

iCloud is fully integrated into anything you do on your iDevice that has to do with your Contacts, Calendars, Mail Accounts, Bookmarks and other information. Apple did this right and gave us all of this functionality for the good price of, FREE.

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I Get Personal With Behance’s Action Book / Action Method

Aside from hunting for worthless free WordPress themes, the death of Steve Jobs and the hourly wait for iOS5—I’ve been away for a few days.

First of all, if you’re a creative person without you own laptop.. You’ve come to the right post.

I found the perfect helper for all of this downtime. The elegant, social-creative-professional-portfolio website, Behance.net has a sub-company titled, Creatives Outfitter. They make incredible notebooks, notepads, etc. There’s much more to it.

These aren’t your usually stationary. We’re talking, elegant-creative-productive-professional. That’s what Behance is all about in the first place. I spent around $15. I’d never spend fifteen bones on a pad of paper. Unless, it gave me a template allowing me to get shit done. That’s what this does.

I purchased the Action Book. I’ve spent the last 6 days writing in it. It helps you prepare for anything you’ve decided to call a project. From simply something at home that you’d like to create steps—to be more productive. From business meetings, to planning blog posts, the action book alone has everything you need to be at the top of your game. I used it to detail out this post itself. It was a late night so i wrote a ton, and won’t be sharing everything, but just enough.


1. Bloggers without laptops – I, personally do not own a laptop. I’m still stuck on my 2007 iMac, and I’ve been wanting to switch to a MacBook Pro since, most likely the day I bought the thing. SO when I’m sitting in my living room watching tv, I don’t have the luxury of hittin up my homies unless I’d like to use the iPhone that i smashed to pieces practically. I went nuts with the Action Book and knocked out huge details on about 4 posts I’d like to use for @zakkforchilli. Some, I’ll probably throw away, but It’ll be good to have the extra ideas floating around for later projects and such.

See more+screenshots after the break! I love this thing!

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Spotify: The Best-Worst Startup; Facebook Needs to Run Things [In Depth Review]

Occupying most of the time I spend on my computer / the internet has been Spotify. It has been a huge pleasure using it, and I’m actually proud to say that it mostly, for me, replaces iTunes. Especially, iTunes Ping. Spotify flourishes where iTunes falters.

For those who aren’t familiar, I will quickly touch on what Spotify has been doing lately. Facebook. At f8 this year, (Facebook’s annual dev conference) they announced they would be taking music to a whole new level on Facebook. They’ve incorporated services like iheartradio, MOG, and most profoundly Spotify, directly into Facebook.

Spotify is surely the better pick of the bunch newly associated with Facebook. So I went with it, and surely I was more than satisfied. Going hand-in-hand with a webapp and a desktop application, it did what iTunes couldn’t, and flourished with it.

There are things I love about Spotify’s new move, and some things I’m not a fan of within the apps.

Read tons more + SCREENSHOTS after the break.

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GetGlue’s New iPhone App Is Nice; Their Website, Not So Much..

GetGlue, the “activity-check-in website” similar to but more popular than, Miso—has come out with a new iPhone app. They have polished the interface just a little. Quickly I came to thinking, they need to do the same to their webpage. Their iOS GUI makes their web-app look like it was run over by Web 2.0.

New graphical features include:

  • Polished main page
  • New conversation view with iChat-like bubbles
  • New “checked-in” page with more content; more options
  • Smaller fonts on the check-in history page
  • Within conversation, a pop-up for “Agree-Cool-Funny-Reply”
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The Retina Display Is Coming To A Laptop/Desktop Near You

As of right now the only product widely known to have the high-res Retina Display is the iPhone 4. Not for long. Other’s want in on the action. It’s one of the  many features that enabled Apple to release a whole new refresh to the iPhone lineup.

First of all, what is the Retina Display?

The iPhone 4 Retina Display

  • larger than usual angle of view. Above 120 degrees.
  • It approaches the human eye’s view with such a high-resolution capability.
  • The color resolution is much greater than that of a conventional display.
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