Firefox 7 vs. Safari 5.1 in Mac OSX Lion – RAM Usage Stats [VERSUS]

Today, Mashable decided to report on the newly released Firefox 7’s memory usage. They based it on Flash running and Flash not running. They used Hulu HD video streaming for the Flash test and they used a Mac running Lion. Lifehacker reported on Firefox 7’s memory usage vs Opera 11, Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome 14. They chose to leave out Safari “since they are using Windows,” which makes no sense since Safari is for sure, still on Windows. So I’m here to fill that gap.

“(all tests were done on Windows, so we’ll be ignoring Safari here)” -Lifehacker

Initial Thoughts

I’ve posted about Safari recently after having a run-in with its ridiculous memory usage. It’s officially, a RAM killer. This following test told me that Safari only folds under immense pressure. I’ll explain later. When you have more than a few windows open, each with a few tabs, you’re going to get a huge overload using Safari. Google Chrome seems to deal with immense pressure pretty well. So far I’ve only had it crash on me two or three times with the same windows open as Safari did. Safari on the other hand, had crash at least three times a day.

So, I figured that even with a couple of windows open using Flash, its performance would be going down the drain. This test proved me completely wrong. It seems that Safari holds up pretty well when you’re not pushing it to its limit.

The test (with SCREENSHOTS) after the break:

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One Simple Feature Cost’ Safari 5 The Browser War

The title is a bit much, but It’s only personal.

Apple’s Safari 5 is lacking some of the most simply implemented features that are the heart of the Firefox and Chrome browsers. Some even features that Safari has had in the past, but for some reason ditched them. The features are simple, but crucial for a workflow environment.

There is actually some irony in the reason I have for posting this. I was complaining on my Twitter account about how I have to ‘Force Quit’ Safari 5 in Lion at least 3-4 times a day. Those ‘2 cents’ on Twitter wasn’t enough for me. (I always turn my 2 cents into 10, hence this blog) It brought out a few other flaws in the app when I began really thinking about it.

I also stated how I wanted to move to Google Chrome, but it’s a pain sometimes to get the bookmarks over while keeping it looking clean. I like to see all of my bookmarks in a small window. I hate that arrow button with a list to the bookmarks that can’t fit. It’s a pet peeve i suppose. It’s no biggy; I switched to Chrome and got it situated.

After switching back to Chrome, I immediately realized that Safari used to be quite like Chrome in a way. Now it is not. Apple actually took away a feature that i used all the time. Allow me to explain.


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