Spotify: The Best-Worst Startup; Facebook Needs to Run Things [In Depth Review]

Occupying most of the time I spend on my computer / the internet has been Spotify. It has been a huge pleasure using it, and I’m actually proud to say that it mostly, for me, replaces iTunes. Especially, iTunes Ping. Spotify flourishes where iTunes falters.

For those who aren’t familiar, I will quickly touch on what Spotify has been doing lately. Facebook. At f8 this year, (Facebook’s annual dev conference) they announced they would be taking music to a whole new level on Facebook. They’ve incorporated services like iheartradio, MOG, and most profoundly Spotify, directly into Facebook.

Spotify is surely the better pick of the bunch newly associated with Facebook. So I went with it, and surely I was more than satisfied. Going hand-in-hand with a webapp and a desktop application, it did what iTunes couldn’t, and flourished with it.

There are things I love about Spotify’s new move, and some things I’m not a fan of within the apps.

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Realizing Your Influence On The Social Media Scene, And Using It Correctly

The big names in Social Media such as Mashable and TechCrunch especially, (due to the recent clusterf*** with AOL & Michael Arrington) have great influence over what sites we visit, what apps we use, and mostly what startups and apps we even know about.

If you ask anyone, they’ll tell you that these sites are mostly/partly responsible for at least half of the well-known startups’ success. Startups will tell you that if it wasn’t for TechCrunch, they would be a failed startup. Brands go crazy to get plugged on these sites. Sending flowers to the TechCrunch HQ? Come on; this is making everyone desperate and it’s sometimes sickening. One mention on Mashable or TechCrunch and millions of people are shooting over to your new startup to check it out.

So you’ve got all of this traffic to your startup. Sure, these Social Media giants are giving you millions of page views, but are they really causing these sites success? Most of the time, yes. The only thing these giants can’t do is make up the users mind about signing up. But, those users wouldn’t be there in the first place. So yes, these sites are mostly responsible.

Enough with the introduction. I’m writing this after a small annoyance I came across today. I threw out a couple ranting Tweets about Mashable and how they need to stop dictating influence where and when they don’t need to. That’s a general statement, but you will see what I mean as you read.

Tons! More after the break. The incident, the solution and how we lost:

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HTC Wants WebOS to compete with iOS: Why That’s A Weak Move

Word is going around quickly that HTC is considering the purchase of HP’s WebOS — so they have a stronger base OS to compete against Apple with. This is quite the weak move on HTC’s part if you ask me. I had to throw my 2 cents into the mix and explain why that idea has failed before it’s even been set in motion.

1. HTC can’t just create their own OS?

I might not go that far, but they should at least be putting in some hard work if they are planning on going up against Apple & iOS. Right now Apple controls the Tablet world, the Smartphone world, and is either close to or already is, controlling the Personal Computer climate. We will get back to that later, not to mention Digital Music or anything in their sub-production / software lines..

I just feel that instead of going out and purchasing an already functioning, already complete and sold a ton of units type of OS — They should actually be putting some hours in. It’s okay when a company buys a suffering project — even one that is doing quite well in the creation process, but not one that has been finished and around for.. ever.

This leaves HTC — which has grown to be one of the biggest phone manufacturers in the world — exposed and dependent on two mobile operating systems who’s owners’ priorities lie elsewhere. -Stan Schroeder, Mashable

2. Apple has a fairly long lease on the climate

I’m sure the mainstream is quite aware of the Tablet Market at the moment. They can’t quite put their fingers on it, but they do know one thing, or maybe, don’t know one thing. “What exactly is a tablet?” Unless it has tablet in the product name, most mainstreamers think of that old crappy gadget from HP or Motorola with a ‘stylus’ — or that huge, bulky, terribly designed, Palm looking thing. Even something that looks like a small Toughbook.

Apple controls the mainstream with iOS, and even at this point, Mac OS. No mainstreamer is going to go out and purchase an Samsung Tablet unless it’s suggested by a friend, and they’re not into the iPad. And let me tell you, not many people aren’t into the iPad. Grown men turn into little mindless children when an iPad is in their grasp.

If you say tablet, we say, “Oh the iPad?”

3. Everything else is just a copy

Besides the fact that they just plain and simple won’t even be competition for iOS.. They know it too. To an Apple iPad, most of the tablets out right now look like Kindles. Disregarding the ones that have the same damn design Apple pioneered in the beginning with the touch screen.

We all know who started what we now call the standard in touch displays and gestures. We all know who designed a device that contained practically nothing but a giant screen. We all also know who started the current standard style for a tablet on the market.

All these tablets wouldn’t exist without their father, the iPhone originally, and now the iPad. It takes a long time for a kid to become strong enough to finally kick his fathers ass. It hasn’t been that long since the first launch of these game-changing products.

Overall: None of the tablets created by anyone (maybe just about 2 exceptions) will be / are GAME-CHANGERS. There was ONE game-changer. The game has been changed. It’s not due for another for a long, long time. This is just my 2 cents guys.. I’m not going crazy over all of this, but It’s just something for you to keep in mind as you see this unfold.

Readers: Do you own a non-iOS tablet? If so list it here. Also, readers — tell me if you think this is going to help HTC at all.

(Sources: AppleInsider, Engadget, Mashable)